The Booth

The Outrageous Photo Booth Experience is just that – a bit outrageous.

Our smiling booth attendants are outgoing and love seeing you and your guests having a good time. We have hand picked the most friendly and fun people we know and they are there to help ensure that you and your guests get the most out of your photo booth experience as possible.

Funny how the experience of using a photo booth can go from ordinary to extraordinary just from a few simple tips and some friendly encouragement from the right person – and it really does come down to the right people.

Whether it’s finding just the right prop to get someone out of their comfort zone, or helping set a record for the highest number of people in the booth at one time! (our record has held steady for a year now at 13) Our outrageous booth attendants will make sure your guests are pushing their own limits to be outrageous!

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