OUTRAGEOUS Photo Booth Rental Video – The Experience

In 2009 we started Outrageous Photo Booths under the name “Photo Booth Santa Barbara.” We immediately realized we were onto something, the feedback we received was absolutely unexpected, and the quality we achieved from the get go with our photo booth rentals in Santa Barbara was unsurpassed by any other photo booth locally.

We had a then student at Brooks Institute create a video of guests using our booth, and we LOVED it – it features the first rendition of our photo booth, entirely custom built and sturdy as any photo booth could be.

As you can see toward the middle of the video, our booth holds a LOT of your guests all at the same time! So, if this doesn’t inspire you to get outrageous with our photo booth rentals, you may want to play calm and rent a more tame photo booth kiosk from our competitors over at Open Air. ;-)

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